We have spent months working on bringing you the best quality Brazilian cut bikinis for the perfect fit. Our carefully selected collection has been designed to create comfort with seamless shapes that flatter the natural curves of any women. Shop our swimwear online.

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R499.00 R380.00

Bailey One Piece


Basic black bottom


Basic black top

R250.00 R199.00

Basic ocean green bottom

R250.00 R199.00

Basic ocean green top

R250.00 R199.00

Basic pink bottom

R250.00 R199.00

Basic pink top

R250.00 R199.00

Basic white bottom

R250.00 R199.00

Basic white top

R250.00 R199.00

Boho One

R499.00 R399.00

Flores Bottom

R250.00 R199.00

Flores top

R265.00 R199.00

Mid Night Bottoms

R235.00 R190.00

Mid Night Top

R260.00 R199.00

Ocean Blue One

R499.00 R320.00
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